I am human and I am here

The other day I heard someone say their faith described everyone as broken. What a terrible burden of worthlessness to be laid on every shoulder. And I felt moved at the thought of this to try and find an understanding of what we are.

What  am I?

I am a part of everything, everything is interconnected and I house a great sense of belonging to all things and being of all things. So I am reminded at all times of how we are all here, together, here and now on this planet and while all things pass, nothing is ever lost. It is simply part of the ebb and flow of the universe pouring through all of us, this precious gift of life. 
And with this gift we have a way to find hope, nurture love, practise kindness and keep the divine in our hearts as best we can. We are not broken. We are human. Don't waste time waiting for a miracle, be the miracle that your life is.

The View

Silver running
And cobalt blue

St Catherine
St Julian
And St Joan
All the thrones
Turning the sky

My thirsty soul
Turns to the view
And drinks deep
Rinsed in light
Silver running
And cobalt blue
This rock
This throne
This sky
This stone

St Catherine
St Julien
And St Joan

This land
Bathed in light
Love calls home

St Margaret's Chapel

There is a stillness in the air
Feather gently floating
A warmth of rose and lavender
Wrapped up in this scent
A candle, now lit, reaching out
A light to lift eyes and spirit
To the sky ringing above the bell
And gladness fills the heart
Hope is now a chalice full
Of quiet angels

Love not Hate

As Valentine's Day approaches, I was searching round for a poem to celebrate the day when I found this one I wrote in 2006. Sadly, it still seems relevant to the world today.

Love not Hate

Sometimes the news is hard enough to hear
Let alone live through
We have let hate win
If we allow for one minute, these borders of fear
To run among us
Dividing our hearts, separating our minds

The truth is this
The dogmatic mindset that brings violence, distrust
Fear and hate to every doorstep is no weapon at all
Against love
The sanctuary you crave is the human heart
And it beats in every one of us

Violence cannot win
Because it cannot see
How blind it is
To the truth
The walls of hate it builds
Only serve to imprison it

The human heart will always fly free

Hope for a Happy New Year

Hoping next year will be a kinder year to all and the world will take a collective step back from plunging into the abyss of war, hatred and internecine anger which seems to be becoming political currency. And if it you think it's slightly bonkers that some housewife in Kent is writing that, then you can see how far the world has already marched towards that brink...

We are given a life
The best gift we will be given
And with it the gift of love and hope
A living prayer

Let go of despair
Let go of hatred
Let go of violence
Unwrap your heart from fear
And embrace life
A living prayer