Love not Hate

As Valentine's Day approaches, I was searching round for a poem to celebrate the day when I found this one I wrote in 2006. Sadly, it still seems relevant to the world today.

Love not Hate

Sometimes the news is hard enough to hear
Let alone live through
We have let hate win
If we allow for one minute, these borders of fear
To run among us
Dividing our hearts, separating our minds

The truth is this
The dogmatic mindset that brings violence, distrust
Fear and hate to every doorstep is no weapon at all
Against love
The sanctuary you crave is the human heart
And it beats in every one of us

Violence cannot win
Because it cannot see
How blind it is
To the truth
The walls of hate it builds
Only serve to imprison it

The human heart will always fly free

Hope for a Happy New Year

Hoping next year will be a kinder year to all and the world will take a collective step back from plunging into the abyss of war, hatred and internecine anger which seems to be becoming political currency. And if it you think it's slightly bonkers that some housewife in Kent is writing that, then you can see how far the world has already marched towards that brink...

We are given a life
The best gift we will be given
And with it the gift of love and hope
A living prayer

Let go of despair
Let go of hatred
Let go of violence
Unwrap your heart from fear
And embrace life
A living prayer

October Festivals


In your heart
Safe from harm
The light of hope
Shines like a charm
Keep hold of hope
To light the way
And chase doubt
Far away


The year draws in
All harvests done
Now count the days
Till Spring is come
In the runes
A fortune fold
And in a song
Tall tales are told
Light the bonfire
For more light
We'll celebrate
Samhain tonight

All Hallows Eve, All Souls & Saints and the Day of the Dead

In the candlelight's translucent air
Full of the angels incense and prayer

Dusk and dawn rub thin
To where, beyond death's veil
All sorrows cease
And love prevails

For one night we'll walk
Footsteps across the floor
A shiver in a silver flame
Echoes of the nevermore

In the moonlight's soft embrace
All phantom spirits, ghouls and wraiths
Dance to their ceaseless song
As lanterns call the enchanted throng

By morning light sharp contrast throws
The passing night into fleeting shadows
All Hallows Eve
All Souls, All Saints
And all the Dead
Are passing now into the night
As we walk in the new daylight

All Hallows Eve
All Souls, All Saints
And all the Dead
Across Lethe sail

All sorrows cease
And love prevails

Is this it

Is this it?
Is this where we find some middle ground?
A place to feed
Not on prejudice and greed
But to share, face to face
Our wealth around
A token, a portion, a weight
How much for love, hope and faith?
It's a small heart indeed
Who turns from the need
To sit down and sort out this place

Is this where we find
A place to hear
Not to argue or bicker or lie
But to talk and find out why
Far too many of us live in fear
Is this where we find some middle ground?
A place to lay the foundations down
For a humankind who are no longer
Full of hate, anger and hunger
Is this the place?
Are we welcome here?

Will we leave behind our superstitious fear
And open our hearts to find a way to sit down
And settle on some middle ground
Is this it?

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

St Christopher from the sea
Why did I find you
Before all the long journeys of my life
A keepsafe from the sandbanks
It seems, instead, you found me

Perdu et Trouvé

St Christophe de la mer
Pourquoi que j'ai trouvé vous
Avant tous les longs voyages de ma vie
A KeepSafe des bancs de sable
Il semble, au contraire, vous me avez trouvé

From Your Valentine

A letter sent from a prison cell
Where even hope darkness quells
Such a bright, divine light, this love
As swift and sweet as any dove
Emperors, dictators and warlords fall
While Love, that universal call
Burns on, despite brutality and fear
And we remember every year
Not the hatred
Nor the pain
Not the tyrant
But the name
Signed and sealed, the heart's final line

With love, from your Valentine