The Winter Rose

Let love bloom in your heart
A winter rose
By spring it will be a bouquet
By summer it will be a glory
By autumn it will set seed
And then you can show others
How to grow a winter rose

The Heart Whisperer

You won't notice the difference at first
Just the smallest of change
Quieter than the breath of a candle
A ripple across a pool

Nothing to see here

But you will see it
Later rather than sooner
Long time later
It will be clear

I was there with you in that midnight place
Though you don't remember

I will always be there for you

Now, in the sunlight you laugh
Putting it all behind you
Moving forward, stronger than before
A bright bowl full of hope

There was something someone once said...
And you will wonder who it was
And I will smile and say
It must have been the heart whisperer

Be More Jesus

Here was a person who drew people to him with compassion and loving kindness. Who eased pain and suffering and offered hope to everyone. He was kind, friendly, caring and happy, what more could you want to be? Prescribe yourself a dose of happiness and be more Jesus.

Looking for Inspiration?

The other week I was looking for a little creative inspiration and this fragment of a mystic poem found its way to me. I had almost forgotten that, we are, of course, all inspiration for each other. So I shall pass it forward here.  Thank you!

'Be a lamp, or a lifeboat or a ladder.
Help someone's soul heal.
Walk out of your house like a shepherd.'

Places worth travelling to

Top five places to visit :

You heart
Your soul
Your mind
Your compassion
and your smile.

Definitely visit your smile.

I am human and I am here

The other day I heard someone say their faith described everyone as broken. What a terrible burden of worthlessness to be laid on every shoulder. And I felt moved at the thought of this to try and find an understanding of what we are.

What  am I?

I am a part of everything, everything is interconnected and I house a great sense of belonging to all things and being of all things. So I am reminded at all times of how we are all here, together, here and now on this planet and while all things pass, nothing is ever lost. It is simply part of the ebb and flow of the universe pouring through all of us, this precious gift of life. 
And with this gift we have a way to find hope, nurture love, practise kindness and keep the divine in our hearts as best we can. We are not broken. We are human. Don't waste time waiting for a miracle, be the miracle that your life is.